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How Dyslexia Affects Reading and Spelling

People with dyslexia need much more repetition than non-dyslexics about the basic sounds and spelling rules of the English language. A student without dyslexia will be able to master a basic reading concept in two weeks, while a person with dyslexia may need 3-6 months of repetition to master the same concept.

US public schools do not teach reading in a way that remediates the key deficits of dyslexia. To become a dyslexia therapist or tutor, a person will need to spend up to $10,000 to become trained in the Orton-Gillingham methodology.

We need more teachers and lay people trained in Orton-Gillingham methods to overcome the literacy crisis in the US.

An Orton-Gillingham tutor works with individual students two-hours a week, providing lessons that directly instruct these students to read, write and spell. Students do not move onto the next concept until they have mastered the one presented. The tutoring is student-paced, and slowly builds upon the concepts of the 6 syllable types in the English language, and the spelling rules of English. In addition, students work on handwriting.

Donate today to provide direct reading instruction to a student or for a teacher to become certified in the diagnostic, prescriptive, research-based programs for dyslexia. YOU WILL CHANGE THE WORLD WITH YOUR DONATION!

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