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Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity

July 11, 2016

34 universities in conjunction with the National Institutes of Health study dyslexia, yet most of our teacher prep programs ignore their findings. Click here to read how Yale University is working with legislators, parents, researchers and the NIH to bring the needed solutions to our school system!

Research Articles

July 11, 2016

Click here to link to the latest NIH research articles about dyslexia. These web resources, collected by True Potential Education of West Des Moines, Iowa, demonstrate the powerful research being conducted in our nation.

Parent Power

July 11, 2016

In the past 4 years, parents across the nation have united to advocate for their children who have dyslexia.  They are advocating, legislating and educating for change nationally, locally and within their states. These parents are making inroads for better reading education for dyslexics, but more work needs to be done.  Read what Decoding Dyslexia Iowa is doing in our state, and what changes are occurring in other states!

Private Dyslexia Resources in Iowa

July 11, 2016

Today, dyslexia is only diagnosed by private entities - people with advanced degrees in educational psychology and speech-language pathology.  Remediation is mostly done by private centers and tutors out of their home. A few schools in Iowa are now offering dyslexia remediation during the school day. Click below to link to the Decoding Dyslexia Iowa Contact Us web form to learn about resources and ask for a their list of qualified professionals.

Susan Barton Bright Solutions

September 04, 2016

Susan Barton is one of the country's leading experts on dyslexia. Her web site is considered one of the first stops for parents and teachers needing to learn more about dyslexia. She has tirelessly toured the United States speaking about what dyslexia is and how to help. She has developed her own science-based dyslexia reading, writing and spelling program. Anyone looking for facts and information about dyslexia needs to visit Susan's site.  

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