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I have a passion for helping people affected by dyslexia. I have seen its impact on the lives of intelligent people both personally and professionally. It is the most common reading disorder, and the most under recognized.  It affects people of all IQ levels, and it affects very talented people including Steven Spielberg, Charles Schwab, Muhammad Ali and Cher to name a few. It is even theorized that it affected Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison.  

People affected by dyslexia become experts at hiding it because the inability to fluently read is so stigmatizing. I have taught dozens of people with dyslexia to read, and I work with local Iowans to make educational changes in our school and legal systems to improve dyslexia services.  Please help me increase access to dyslexia therapy and education!  Help make the ability to read accessible to all!

Heidi Kroner
Founder & CEO

Literacy Lifeline Board Members

I get a thrill from putting people, organizations and projects together for mutual benefit and success. I enjoy seeing people become who they can be while providing leadership for task forces, departments, cross-functional teams and committees. I joined Literacy Lifeline because I believe literacy is a fundamental right.  I know from experience how hard it can be to get services for children when they learn just a little bit differently. I have over 30 years experience in marketing, advertising and fundraising.

Brooke A. Benschoter

As Heidi Kroner's brother, I couldn't ignore her call when she asked me to be her Creative Director and a board member for Literacy Lifeline.  I have worked on brands from all over the world, and I currently reside in New York City running my own companies, Theoretical Mass and Cinderly. I am an artist, creative director, social media expert, and I am currently pitching a reality show about a two people designing an app, and living in NYC.

Lucas Stoffel

As a friend of Brooke's, I met Heidi over coffee, and I found Literacy Lifeline to be a fascinating cause. I have a passion for developing online solutions for companies with a social justice mission.  Being a board member for Literacy Lifeline is an honor, and I am excited to be a part of this venture and share my expertise!

Kyle Savage

Heidi Kroner tutored my dyslexic daughter for several years.  I know first hand how hard it can be for children with dyslexia to conquer reading. Many people think illiteracy is a "poverty thing", but many children who have been read to as babies and toddlers and come from literacy-rich homes develop dyslexia.  It is present at birth, and it is the way the brain is wired.  Reading and literacy-rich environments help, but they don't prevent dyslexia. Dyslexia therapy is expensive, and it is not provided in schools. Help us in our mission to bring dyslexia therapy to those who can't afford it!

Jodie Sevier
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